Bitcoin Price Prediction For 2022

Predicting the future price of Bitcoin is fun, but naturally subject to many future unknowns.

However, that hasn’t stopped Wall Street Strategist, Tom Lee, from taking a stab.

He has said Bitcoin could rise up to $55,000 within five years:

See original CNBC report here

What’s more interesting though is the reasoning behind his prediction.

He sees Bitcoin “cannibalising” gold. In other words, he sees Bitcoin drawing traditional gold investors in, causing them to sell some gold in order to buy Bitcoin.

Gold’s total market value is $7.5 trillion, compared to Bitcoin’s $40 billion. So if even a small percentage of this money moves over to Bitcoin, then a price surge is inevitable.

Bitcoin has similar properties to gold and appeals to people with a similar mindset – the desire to hold wealth in non paper money form, a “private” money – which gold is.

It seems obvious that the more “goldbugs” look into Bitcoin, the more they will like it – not least because it’s much easier to hold, move around and generally transact with. And more importantly, it has a strictly limited supply, which is more certain than gold.

As I write this, the price of Bitcoin is around $2,400 – so rising up to $55,000 is a gain of nearly 23x – and in just five years.

So to put that into context. If you were to purchase $10,000 worth of Bitcoin today, according to Tom Lee it “could” be worth up to $220,000 in five year’s time. And that’s something to really ponder over.

The fact is, more and more mainstream financial analysts are coming out of the woodwork to make various price predictions for Bitcoin – giving it more credibility as time moves on.

So the only question is – “Do you have Bitcoin yet?” And if you don’t, then my recommendation is that you take the plunge and get some soon 🙂

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I’m always happy to hear from fellow cryptonites, so if you have any questions get back to me 🙂


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