Bitcoin Scams Every Where

Bitcoin is a scam artist’s dream come true!

Why? Because payments are virtually anonymous, non-reversible, and it’s easy to run off with the money without being caught!

I’ve been involved with Bitcoin since 2014, but over this past year or so I have seen a new development – the emergence of a constant stream of dubious Bitcoin earning opportunities.


Are there any genuine Bitcoin earning opportunities out there?

I have looked far and wide and checked out each and every new opportunity that promises Bitcoin “riches” – and I have to say “not to my knowledge, except for two”.

Now, the “first” I’m talking about is a Bitcoin mining cooperative that I’ve been with for nearly one year now. I was skeptical at first, but over time I have come to realise that their operation is legitimate and they do in fact make millions mining Bitcoin.

Now, I should also say this particular mining opportunity is built around a network marketing model – meaning you can earn commissions by referring others. And I should also say it’s not cheap, as you need at least $500 to purchase a contract. But the truth is, if you intend to make a reasonable return you should be prepared to spend $3,500.

I will also say that in order to be very profitable you do need to be willing to refer others, as this generates additional Bitcoin income.

Having said that, I can confirm that this is a legitimate business model, and over the past few years my confidence in this particular company has grown significantly.

The bottom line is that the money I spent on this contract has generated a greater return than if I had simply used that money to purchase Bitcoin – and that’s a very important point.

Anyway, if this interests you and you have $3,500 available, and live outside the USA, you can join with me here.

But let me also caution you… that money, invested in Bitcoin now, could very well generate a greater return in the short/medium term.

The second was presented in this post

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