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Bitcoin Destined For $28,000 In 2018

From Bitcoin in the  News Moas Speaking to Cointelegraph last week in an exclusive profile interview, Moas explained why he believes Bitcoin is destined to become the most valuable currency in the world. The 50-year-old is confident it will eventually surpass China and Gold in terms of market capitalization: “Bitcoin would have to jump 20x from […]


Bitcoin Price Prediction For 2022

Predicting the future price of Bitcoin is fun, but naturally subject to many future unknowns. However, that hasn’t stopped Wall Street Strategist, Tom Lee, from taking a stab. He has said Bitcoin could rise up to $55,000 within five years: See original CNBC report here What’s more interesting though is the reasoning behind his prediction. […]


Setting Up A Bitcoin Wallet

If you do not yet have a Bitcoin Wallet, this series of training walks you through how to set up a Coinbase Account. If you are in a country that Coinbase services, you should have your Coinbase account set up and begin the process of funding through this training. Bitcoin Basics…. Coinbase Training Click Here […]


Crypto Currency/Bitcoin Space is Absolutely Explosive

Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin isn’t a biz opportunity or any type of MLM. It’s not a fad or a passing phase…It’s a change in the fabric of society as we know it. There are points in history when everything changes. 2008 was one of those points. (BTC was created) The evolution of that discovery and since then, its […]


Worth to watch till the end

Digital Currency is the future Crypto Currency… Bitcoin… ETH… Bitcoin Mining.. Staking… Back in 2014 Was Bitcoin Mining with BitClub Network. A Mining/Coin Play of Digi Coin Lab. Bitcoin Mining is one way to get a passive income… but there is more. If you REALLY want to understand this whole “crypto currency economy” watch this […]


Bitcoin Scams Every Where

Bitcoin is a scam artist’s dream come true! Why? Because payments are virtually anonymous, non-reversible, and it’s easy to run off with the money without being caught! I’ve been involved with Bitcoin since 2014, but over this past year or so I have seen a new development – the emergence of a constant stream of dubious […]