What Is Crypto Currency?

Ultimate Method To LEARN AND EARN With Cryptocurrency

1-0 What Is Cryptocurrency?

-Cryptocurrency is a digital version of money where the transactions are done online

-The first ever-successful cryptocurrency emerged from the invention of Bitcoin

-Cryptocurrency was built based upon a decentralized digital cash system means the netork is powered by its users and not any third party

-This system is supported by “Blockchain Technology”

2-0 Cryptocurrency Values

-The values are dependent on the market

-Their values are very volatile and always fluctating

What Is Cryptocurrency Used For? b

-Bitcoin Trading

-Personal spending

-Crowd Funding

3-0 The Types of Cryptocurrency Available

-There are over 800 cryptocurrencies in the market, but the  most prominent currencies are:
1. Bitcoin
2. Ethereum
3. Litecoin

4-0 How To Open An Account To Invest

-You firstly need to open up your “digital wallet”

-Your wallet can be likened to a bank account, which can be stored in different devices

-The digital wallet enables users to send and receive cryptocurrencies as well as tracking the balance

5-0 Strategies To Invest

-Understand the whole concept of cryptocurrency

-Spy on the market

-Invest in more than one coin

-Start small and scale higher

6-0 How To Collect More Bitcoin

-There are 6 methods altogether:
1.Cryptocurrency Exchange
3.Micro Tasking
4.Supplying Bitcoin Related Services
5.Becoming a Bitcoin Escrow Agent
6.Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

7-0 Why Buy Cryptocurrency?

4 Major Advantages:
1. No Third-Party Involvement
2. Lower Risk Than Tradional Currency
3. Protection From Fraud
4. Universality

8-0 Are There Any Drawbacks?

4 Major Setbacks:
1. Lack Of Understanding
2. Lack Protection And Guarantee
3. Technical Shortcomings
4. Still Developing

9-0 The Future Of Cryptocurrency

– It is showing a prosperous potential

– Targeted group would be the technological-savvy individuals

– Slowly making its way in the world

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