World’s 1st Fully Done For You Trading Platform Under Ads Cash Umbrella

This One Move Alone Will Start Increasing Pricing Of Ads Cash!

All Current Members Of Ads Cash Will Be Able To Access The Trading Platform Launch!

Our team of highly experienced traders will trade on your behalf and provide you returns for a mutual win win relationship!

The More profits our traders make you on your money , the more commissions they get and more and more you will trade with us and more and more commissions they will make !

This is just like hedge fund management !

Trading is a super complex game and required deep levels of understanding of the super volatile nature of crypto currencies, spending endless hours behind the computer screens trying to study graphs and charts and whole lot of other stuff !

As An Individual can you learn trading – yes

but is it easy – no

can everyone do it – no

Can you loose money – Yes

Here with banking on people who do this for a living and have been doing it for over 3 years, you basically eliminate all the risks and bank profits 9/10 times.

We will have multiple options inside our new trading platform to pick short term  aggressive investment bets , medium term less  aggressive bets and long term safe returns bets catering to all kinds of investors.

So in one place, we’ll have a Coin Play (the appreciation of Ads Cash) and a REAL Trading Play.

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