Zecta Coin Intro

On Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017 we had our Trading Lab for the week.

In this lab we reviewed some of our previous Trading Selections.  Our focus, however, was on a new ICO that is slightly different than most of the lending platforms in the market place.  Our Digi Trading Labs are for Digi Millionaire members only.

If these folks perform, it could be the biggest opportunity we have seen in the marketing/lending platform space.  Below is a promotional video to specifically talk about Zecta Coin.  Do not miss this opportunity.  We already have someone that has over 10,000 Zecta Coins.  They plan to hold and compound them for 10 months.  At that point, they should have a total of 62,000 Zecta Coins.  If Zecta just reaches $10 in value during that time, that would be $620,000 in value.

Take the time to watch this promotional video


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